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Off to a dark place…

Blackout Blinds, as a means to darken rooms, is a term that has long been used in the
industry and also to consumers for enhanced light control. But what does it really mean?

There is no question over the effectiveness of blackout fabrics. They bring a greater level of light control to the room, preventing sunlight from streaming in and helping to keep the room darker during the day. Eclipse Blinds have a wide range of blackout fabrics to offer, both with white and
colour co-ordinated backings, across a variety of products – Roller, Vertical, Pleated and Hive.

Along with Blackout fabrics such as Banlight Duo FR, you can also consider Hive Blackout
Cellular Fabrics or Privacy Venetian Blinds which offer improved light control with reduced light
penetration. From soft neutrals to bold greens and blues, there is something to suit everyone.

Although these blinds will be Blockout in nature, calling them Blackout Blinds is potentially
misleading to the consumer. While no systems can truly be used to make a Blackout Blind, Eclipse
Blinds have developed several features to improve the system performance when combined with Blackout Fabrics.

Eclipse Blinds offer the Senses Vertical System which has been specially developed with reduced
light gaps versus a standard vertical headrail. Combine this system with a Blackout Fabric, a Senses blind would provide one of the best Vertical Blockout Options available.

The wide range of fabrics and systems provided by Eclipse Blinds means we can offer the consumer an extensive choice of options when it comes to choosing a Blackout Fabric. However, it is important to remember that complete Blackout coverage cannot achieved.

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