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The Heat Block

Our home interiors and our lifestyle are interchangeable, consumers are always looking for something new and exciting and unique that reflects their personality. Consumers also look for comfort in the home and that is reflected by their home interior.

Hive is a cellular honeycomb structured fabric that combines comfort with an on trend contemporary look.

The fabrics’ structure means that there are no visible holes. This allows the cords in the cellular fabrics to be discreetly hidden within the cells to give an elegant and clean finish. The fabric is light, but it’s innovative properties mean that it holds its shape firmly and doesn’t falter, creating a strong statement in the window.

Hive blinds are known for their ‘heat blocking’ qualities, but what are they? Hive takes the crown as one of the most energy efficient of all fabric types. Each of the honeycomb cells in the fabric traps air that helps to keep a room cooler in summer and warmer in the winter. This means that because the fabric has both heating and cooling properties, they are suitable blinds for a wide range of rooms and window types, making them appealing to a variety of customers.

Hive fabrics are versatile, with standard and blackout options available. The standard option allows soft light to penetrate through the fabric, and for those customers who require extra light control, blackout is an excellent choice. Whatever option your customer decides on, they can select fabrics in an array of bright and neutral colours, as well as subtle patterns to add that little bit something extra.

Cellular and honeycomb fabrics have significantly risen in popularity over the last few years. They are no longer thought of as being an exclusive luxury. Hive is now a luxurious affordable product that is making its presence known in the consumer market.

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